about Bluebell - Chapter 1

The email alert from Jims smartphone ringed. He fetched it up from his pocket and looked at it.

Dear Jim Moriarty,

I heard from uncle Bob, that you’ll help people, when they had a problem.

So, can you help me, please?

I can’t find Bluebell anywhere. My Bluebell isn’t a person, but she is very important for me. She’s a rabbit. I don’t know what happened with her, but she started to glow in the night times, like a fairy!

Some weeks ago I went down to our garden and locked Bluebells hutch for the night, but when I looked up for her in the next morning before I went to school, she had gone. But the hutch was still shut and locked up.

Can you help me to find her?

I wrote Sherlock Holmes at first. He is such a meany, because he didn’t respond to my message!

So please please please help me.

Kirsty Stapleton, aged 8

After Jim read the email, he decided to send Sherlock Holmes a message, an evil grin displaying on his face.

'Poor little Kirsty'

about Bluebell - Chapter 2

The next day Jim decided to answer Kirstys email.

'Hey Kirsty,

I would help you to find your rabbit. You give me your address and I will visit you, so we can talk about it.

But remember, I need a payment for my work.

Jim Moriarty’

After he send the email, he texted Sherlock again. ‘I’m going to see poor, little Kirsty soon’

Jim didn’t have wait long for her respond:

'Dear Jim Moriarty,

here is my address:

Dartmoor rd 34


I only saved 35 Pound from my pocket money, hope it’s enough money for you?

But I can ask my mom if I can get the pocket money for the next two weeks.


'Hey Kirsty,

tomorrow 12 o’ clock at Kings and Cross. Don’t be late.

35 Pound is ok.

Till then,

Jim Moriarty’

He wrote back quickly and began to get prepared for his trip to Dartmoor.